I will forget this day (2010)

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I will forget this day (2010)


The fog has fettered space. Water is frozen, and air is thickened. There is a bridge somewhere in the distance, and people and cars go along it, but this cannot be heard from here. All that is heard is the hospital rumble and women’s silence. This day is forgotten, as it should be, but the camera removed the pall from it. What are her eyes and pose about in a few minutes before the abortion?


Alina Rudnitskaya


Born 31.12.1976 in the town of Zaozerny, Murmansk region

A graduate of St. Petersburg University for Arts and Culture, Department of Film Directing, started her career as an Assistant Director at St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Her first films, “Letter” and “Communal Residence” were well-received both in Russia and abroad and marked with awards at many domestic and international film festivals, such as “Message to Man” (2003; St. Petersburg), Neubrandenburg IFF (2003; Germany), and others. “Communal Residence” was part of a larger project “St. Petersburg 2003.” After the project was completed, she was invited to work in Moscow on a documentary film series “Dating Service” about the single people who look for their other halves. At the same time, she worked on a project “Faces of the Epoch,” directing such films as “Vishnevskaya and Rostropovich” among others. In 2004, her project for one of the major St. Petersburg TV stations – a film series on a Russian pop group TATU – has won an award for the best documentary series. In 2003-2004, she continued making documentary films, such as “Amazons” and “Rural Lessons.” Rudnitskaya’s films always have a characteristic original perspective; she is interested not only in depicting the facts of life but also in exploring the internal worlds of her characters. She succeeds in painting a vivid image of modern man while maintaining a very personal and humanistic approach to each one of her stories.

Second prize of the jury – XIth “DocumentaMadrid” IFF, Spain, 2011

World Pulse RTP Award and Amnesty International Award – special mention at the VIII IFF IndieLisboa, Portugal, 2011

Competition at 51st IFF Krakow, Poland, 2011

Special jury prize at XIX film festival “Okno v Evropu”, Vyborg, 2011

Special jury prize at International telefilmfestival of documentary drama “Saratovskie stradaniya”, Saratov, Russia, 2011

The best short documentary at XXI IFF “Massage to man”, Saint-Petersburg, 2011

Special jury prize at XXII Open festival of documentaries “Russia”, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 2011

MDR Film Prize and Honorary Mention at 54 filmfestival of documentary and animated films, Leipzig, 2011

Award of the Student Union Greifswald at XX Europian Film Festival for documentaries DokumentART, Neubranderburg (Germany), Szczecin (Poland), 2011

“The best documentary” at the 5th World Independent Film Award, Warsaw, Poland, 2011

“The best creative documentary (art film) on video or film” at “Lavrovaya vetv”, Moscow, Russia, 2011

Award Danzante (for its formal view of a sensitive topic between the fine line of existence and no existence. We are grateful to the director for leaving an open ending to allow the spectator to reflect upon the film) at 39 International Film Festival in Huesco, Spain, 2011