General licensing

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Educational licenses:

K-12 license grants to Licensor the right to:

  • include the Film in Licensor’s public library to its authorized users for the purposes of research, education, or other non-commercial or non-performance use for student, staff and faculty or any additional authorized users
  • exhibit the Film in a non-public, non-theatrical, setting. The rights contained herein are non-transferable. Sublicensing, subleasing, duplicating, digitizing, renting, selling or any other act not expressly permitted in this Agreement is prohibited. The usage must be limited to small K-12 classroom instruction or a library room only.

University and College license is the same but the Film can be presented in campus or other University facilities


Standard license

A Standard license is necessary for any public showing of a film that is in a community venue such as a theater, church, or any venue open to members of the public. By purchasing a standard license you are able to screen the film to an audience at no charge, or for suggested donation or required admissions.

  • Used for a one time showing of a film to a larger audience.
  • The type of screening license depends on the location of the screening.
  • Any screening event that is open to the public requires a screening license.
  • With a screening license you can charge admission, accept donations and advertise your screening.


Digital Site Licenses (DSL)

Educational digital site licenses (DSL) can be used for a part of an educational collection. DSLs are required to be hosted on a single password protected institutional server. DSLs are licensed for the life of format and delivered digitally.