FAQ Page

Who can use the license?

Libraries, school, universities, colleges, theater, church, or any venue open to members of the public

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    What type of license do I need?

    Please look at a license information page to choose a right license type

    How much does it cost?

    The cost to host a screening varies by film, so please select a film and a license type to determine specific pricing

    What will I receive with my purchase?

    Package includes a DVD, supplemental materials/resources, and a public viewing license for a single location. Because the licensing is specific, you may only show the film at one location and you must purchase a separate DVD/license for each venue where you wish to show the film.

    When can I start screening the film?

    As soon as you receive the DVD, you can start screening immediately! The screening license is unlimited, so you can show the film several times at the same venue

    What is your replacement policy?

    Please be sure that we will replace any damaged, stolen or misplaced DVD. Please notify us about all of circumstances

    Do you have discounts or special prices?

    You are always welcome to contact us by sales@ukulelefilm.ru