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The Nation (2017)


The story is about one small ethnic group from the north of Udmurtia, which is trying to maintain its identity. According to one of the Besermyans, the old noise and excitement was replaced by the dead silence of the village. “Nobody needs anyone anymore.”

However, the subtle dance of the female voice is still able to lure a person and a camera inside the house; this is the ability of the voice to be hypnotic, to enter into a trance. A living language is born in a song, so that Besermyan’s song is a method of thinking. As long as it sounds, the nation will live.


Julia Mironova

8th of September, 1977. Was born in the city of Abakan, the Khakas Republic. In 1999 had graduated from the Khakas State University, the Romanic and Germanic Philology Department. In 2007 had graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art as film director.


2014 «Kamchatka – the Cure for Hatred», 44 min, documentary

2012 «Easy People», 26 min, documentary 2011 «Khalmer – U – The Life Valley», 26 min, documentary

2007 «The Immigrant», 8’30 min, short documentary

2005 «The case is around hat», 10 min, short documentary

From 2005 till nowadays works as TV program director.

4-10 May 2018, Vienna, Austria, ETHNOCINECA 2018

12-14 May 2018 – Cultural Exchange Events The Netherlands – Russia, Antwerp, Belgium, Den Boch, the Netherlands

4-7 July, Sonna, Estonia, PFUFF 2018

July, 2018, Golden Vityaz, Sevastopol, Russia

25 — 27 May, 2018, International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő , Hungary

25 June — 1 July 2018 — Parnu, Estonia — Best Scientific Documentary

24 August — 3 September — Moscow film festival Budem Zhit, Moscow, Russia

4-10 September — International Film Festival of Muslim cinema, Kazan, Russia, Special Jury Award.

5-7 October— Ethno Film Festival, Kratovo, Makedonia

20 October 2018 — Helsinki, Finland, 21 October — Tartu, Estonia, 23 October Tallin, Estonia,

3-11 November 2018 — Kunaki , Mahachkala, Dagestan

21 November 2018 — The days of Russian cinema, Onfleur, France

28 November – «Our Arktika», Moscow, Russia, Grand-Prix

6-9 December 2018 – «Meeting with Russia», Vologda, Russia, 1 Prize in nomination «Letopis»


18-23 March 2019 — World Film Festival, Тartu, Estonia

25 -28 April 2019 — Riga Pasaules Film Festival Riga, Latvia

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