Kamchatka. The Cure for Hatred (2014)

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Kamchatka. The Cure for Hatred (2014)


The main character of this film is a war correspondent Vyacheslav Nemyshev who traveled to Chechnya in 2001 many times to report on the war for Russian TV but then decided to go live in Kamchatka and make films there. Somehow he’s being a director mostly while filming himself. Realizing the purpose of shooting a video blog, he seems to know in advance that he needs to peer into the reflection of his own eyes for self-reflection. However, when Kamchatka is in the frame, he prefers not to intervene, allowing the gaze of a quiet observer to become free and honest. “I wish cameras could shoot both sides to show you my satisfied face.” Well, Kamchatka really begins to be reflected while healing the hero with a new infection.


Julia Mironova

8th of September, 1977.

Was born in the city of Abakan, the Khakas Republic.

In 1999 had graduated from the Khakas State University, the Romanic and Germanic Philology Department.

In 2007 had graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art as film director.


2014 «Kamchatka – the cure for hatred», 44 min, documentary

2011 «Khalmer – U – The Life Valley», 26 min, documentary

2007 «The Immigrant», 8`30 min, short documentary

2005 «The case is around hat», 10 min, short documentary



The Best Mid-Length Documentary of IDFA 2014

Grand-Prix of Northern Character International Film and TV Festival, 2015


Stand RUSSIAN CINEMA at Berlinare cinema market, 2015


TARTU World Film Festival, 2015

Stand RUSSIAN CINEMA at Hong Kong cinema market, 2015

Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, 2015

«Busan International Short Film Festival», 2015

«Addis International Film Festival», 2015

«Pacific Meridian» Vladivostok International Film Festival of Asia-Pacific Countries, 2015

IFF Message to Man, 2015

DocumentART, 2015

Russian film festival in Honfleur, 2016