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Yaptik-hasse is the spirit of the yaptiks, and the road is yaprik-hasse’s home. Deer, dogs, Nenets will be there as long as he wanders in this wilderness.


The Yamal Peninsula is the place with tundra landscapes which are full of deer, dogs and people, who have learned how to be an organic part of this space. They are Nenets, they are family, and they go south. Yaptik-hasse is the spirit of the yaptiks; he is carried to a sacred sledge and never shown to any strangers. The road is yaptik-hasse’s home; there will always be deer, dogs, nenets as long as he wanders. Sounds of nature, dog barking, ringing bells, a shaman drum, children’s mumble and Nenets speech… all of these are the whole in this wild land.

About Director

Edgar Bartenev

Born in 1966.

Worked as a doctor for ten years.

Studied script writing in Higher School of Cinematography, Moscow.

In 2001 graduated from Higher Courses of script writers and directors, Moscow (Alexey German and Svetlana Karmalita’s workshop).


1999 – “Gryadki”(“Garden beds”), a short fiction film, color, Beacam SP, 24 min

2001 – “Waltz”, a short fiction film, b/w, 35 mm, 26 min (Cannes Film Festival, official section, 2002)

2003 – “Odya”, documentary, color, 35 mm, 3 parts. Clermont-Ferrand IFF, 2004 – Best Photography Award.

2003 – a full-length feature film project (with the support of Cannes Festival Residence)

2006 – “Yaptic-Hasse”


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