Pastoral (2008)

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The herd is not only driven by the herder, but also leads him.
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A fence that was found between the filming space and the camera, on the rights of the inner frame articulating distance and detachment, then becomes a tool of a herder. The territory of the pen itself has its own laws insofar as it has a wicket gate. And this inevitably demonstrates not only the distance between humans and animals, but also hierarchy, since a man steals freedom from an animal with the hedge. The pastoral plot is cruel because of the whip and the wooden fence. However, a human being does not have power over the sunset. And while the freedom soars in the heavens, and flocks of birds do not care about any frames, there is the herder’s house that has walls instead of a fence but it still starts with a gate.

About Director

After graduating from St. Petersburg State University of Film & TV, I did my post-graduate research at Film University Conrad Wolf in Potsdam (Germany, 2005) and then spent several years directing and producing documentaries for television as well as other film projects. I am the founder and director at Ukulele Film Company and an Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University of Film & TV.


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